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And The Lightning, He Will Ride

Though these claims, I repudiate
I've got to set it straight that I was not the one
Who undercover of darkness came
Opened her window frame
And caused the damage that was done
O' Judge I'm at your command

It seem you've forced my hand
To give up my own brother

We came in south just behind the barn
Rode through McKenzie Farm

To that house of glowing light
The safe it promised nearly 40 grand
But James had other plans
And I lost him in the night
Just so you know, well we have a code
We take money, but never any life

O' the screams
Penetrate my dreams
Like the knife found at the scene
Jolene was only seventeen
When the caller came crawling through her screen. . .

O" Judge hear my plea! Please take me!
For it was I who did not raise him right.
Oh for in my sleep, when I dream
It's of penitentiary,
And the Lightning That He Will Ride

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