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Love Left In Me

I can explain all the salt in the sea
Perpetual motion and the science of sleep
But I can't explain what's happening to me

I don't know but I hope
There's Love Left In Me

Can someone explain why you're bitter and cruel
Maybe you wasted all of your time as a 9-to-5 fool
I'm not that bitter and I'm nothing like you
Those things that you say and the things that you do

Take a look at your soul now honey
It has the look of the old and ugly
No bigger jacket's gonna help you to feel less cold
I went to Opal Divine's for money
When the poverty bug had stung me
I only lasted just a couple of weeks or so

I had to leave, yes I had to go when the sun rose high and the moon rose low
Now I'm on my feet and you best believe I have never felt this free

Take your time, I don't mind
There's Love Left In Me

The fires that burned out, I tried to revive
But all I can do is hope there's love left inside
But deep down in me I know that fire's alive

I don't know but I hope
There's Love Left In Me

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