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Hey, Joe here. I am writing from the perspective of someone down and dirty in the trenches with my fellow musicians, trying to make some sense of how to jumpstart our own interpretations of a successful music career. I do not claim to be a music business expert. I am offering an account of the things that I have learned from my personal experience and a consistent effort for objective examination of what works and what doesn’t in the real world. The musings only are only relevant who fit the descriptions below:


1. You want make original music for a living.

2. You are really freaking talented.

3. You want this more than anything else in your life.


If the first isn’t your goal and the second and third don’t describe you, no amount of advice about this crazy roller coaster of a ride can help ya. There are thousands of people trying to do the same thing as you. Welcome to the real world. If all three apply, then just recognize that you very small group who have true courage to follow their dreams. You machete your way through thick jungles of doubt and obstacles, not only following your path but making it as you go. Now read on, you baddass motherfucker. 

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